Who said Ted Kennedy is great? For what?

Over these few days, you will hear the phrase “Lion of the Senate’ about the ‘Greatness” of Ted Kennedy.

I say: “Show me PROOF! not catchphrases”

Warm, touchy feely artsy types who weep in their seats about the loss of the ‘Great’ Kennedy leave me bored and irritated. They can’t name a single law he passed. How pathetic!

He did NOT achieve his greatest political agenda of universal healthcare coverage.

He did NOT get elected president and in 1980 fumbled on articulating WHY he should be elected president.

What EXACTLY DID this guy do?

1. He used a tax on Tobacco  to expand insurance for poor children. Hard to believe, but the SAME people screaming about ‘socialized medicine’ as evil were AGAINST the State Children’s Health Insurance Program which uses taxes to protect poor kids

oooooo!!!!!! Evil liberals! Tasxing Tobacco in vaccinate kids~!

2. Direct loan program: Enormous expansion of DIRECT loans for students from Federal Govt, instead of predatory lenders.

3. Pregnancy discrimination act (`978): Prior to this, did you know it was NOT illegal to fire a woman from her job because of pregnancy?

4. COBRA: Kennedy was THE author of the law that makes it so you don’t lose your health insurance when you change jobs.



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