How to stay Motivated for studying for step 2


“I have my step 2 exam next month.  My friends & I study together and many times we fail to motivate each other. After reading just a couple of chapters we lose interest & struggle to keep up with the schedule. We know that there is no quick fix for this problem. But would like to know how to stay motivated most of the time. We have tried studying alone, studying in groups, watching videos & much more.Nothing seems to work well. Vast number of subjects & chapters seem overwhelming.With exams coming one after the other could you kindly suggest something through your blog? ”


FEAR!!! Your life is going to be ruined unless you get a good grade!

TIME: Studying for step 2 is TEMPORARY!!! Just gut it out, it does not last forever

GOODNESS: The things you are going to learn for step 2 really matter. People are going to live and die based on what you know! If you cut a corner now, someone is going to get hurt. Don’t let people down.

METHOD: Change locations. Set small goals ‘we will cover 20 questions in ONE hour” then STICK TO IT!!!!
SMall goals!!!!

Good luck!



3 Responses to “How to stay Motivated for studying for step 2”

  1. MG Says:

    One more reason:

    FUN!! Make a game out of answering practice questions. Compete against your last best score. Make up funny mnemonics. Draw colorful pictures. Enjoy increasing your knowledge.

    Or just compete against your classmates. Winner gets free meal from losing contestants. 🙂

  2. Niru Says:

    thank you.. for all the videos, and the motivation that you give, to so many people studying for the usmle’s.
    usmle’s have been the most trying times in my life, and every time i am about to give up, your encouragement has helped me to puch myself just a bit more.
    Thank you doesn’t begin expressing my heartfelt gratitude.


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