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Radio in Detroit, Wayne State and a Kaplan center

October 14, 2009

I will be on local NPR in Detroit on wednesday at 125pm to 150 pm (WDET-FM)

At 330, I will be at Wayne State Medical School in Detroit and at 6pm, I will be in the Kaplan Center in Detroit.

Thursday,  I will be on TV in Detroit on WJBK, the Local Fox affiliate at 815 am, eastern time

“Routine Miracles”


Air America Interview at 535 AM tuesday

October 13, 2009

Live National Radio Interview
5:35 AM to 5:50 AM (CENTRAL) (Approximately 15-minute interview)
AIR AMERICA RADIO  “The Lionel Show”


Detroit NPR for Wednesday, 10/14 (1:25 PM arrival):
“Detroit Today”


Wayne State University  3pm Wednesday

Detroit Kaplan Center presentation, 6pm Wednesday

Detroit TV for Thursday, 10/15 (7:15 AM arrival):

Joe the Diabetic man is waiting for his cure

October 7, 2009

I am on the plane to Houston to present today and a friendly cheerful man looks suddenly bruised when the flight attendent spills water on his laptop. “You know, if I did not have diabetes, I could make FIFTY times more than I am making. I normally eat VERY healthy ” he says as the last of the coke and pringles pas his lips. “But my sugar was low when I got on the plane’. He is taking state of the art therapy with Glargine Insulin and an ultra short acting insulin.

“Have you thought of having an insulin pump placed” I ask. In  “Routine Miracles’ the unparralelled triumph from the point of view of the patient is the insulin pump.  No more running into bathrooms to check a finger stick and inject insulin. Freedom, and the feeling of being ‘normal’ are the benefit.

“I am scared of breaking it” he says. “In my work and in my social life, people are always touching me and hugging me, I am scared it will break”

“You can always remove it” I say.

“I have the best eye doctor in the world. Besides laser treatment, I get avastin (Bevacizumab) injections once a month and it has kept me from going blind”

I pause a moment to absorb the grandeur of this advance. How exalted and wonderful to live in an era in which type I diabetes still can be managed to allow the ebulient Joe to travel to see a U2 concert in Atlanta.

 Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) inhibitors are used, off label, to stop the progression of Diabetic retinopathy. Joe lives with Type I diabetes and we have a hard time absorbing or remembering that it is only in the last few decades that type I diabetes was not a death sentence.

The previous generation of physicians did not cure diabetes. Let us take a moment to absorb all the Hope and Goodness of a man who is alive, vibrant and  hopping a fast plane to Atlanta to see Bono.

Joe is waiting however. He is waiting for one of use to cure his diabetes. Help me spread the news.

“Sentient Beings are Numberless: I vow to save them”

October 5, 2009

“Sentient” means ‘something which has the ability to feel”. It comes from the same root as the spanish word ‘Sentir’.


It is also one of the three vows of the Buddhists in Zen meditation. At the Soji Zen Center yesterday, I presented on ‘Routine Miracle” in Philadelphia.

If you live in Philadelphia, I encourage you to go there, meet the teacher and get started. I spent two years doing Zen in medical school, until they finally told me, I would still have to sit still and be quiet.

Our paths are different, but the goal is the same.


Coming to Houston Tomorrow, Tuesday

October 5, 2009

Hi Y’all, feel free to come by the Houston Kaplan center tuesday at 630. Will be talking about routine miracles and doint test taking and anything else!

Houston: Oct 6, 6:30pm

Houston Kaplan Test Prep & Admissions Center

2500 Dunstan Rd, 5th Fl

Houston, TX  77005

Houston: Brazos Booksellers Oct 7, 7pm

2421 Bissonnet

Houston, TX 77005

THe Fisch Presents at 530 today, October 3 at AMSA convention in Philadelphia

October 3, 2009

Greetings and Felicitations!

Today I will be presenting on Test taking and “Routine Miracles’ at the AMSA convention in Philadelphia. We will be giving away copies of “Routine Miracles” to the first 25 students.

Here is the new link for the Recent TV interview which is a very important statement on the nature of a Heroic Society.

Today’s TV Interview in Seattle

September 30, 2009

Hello Everyone, It was a GREAT pleasure to present on ‘Medical Miracles and Healthcare Reform” today on TV in Seattle.

Would you all please post to your Facebook accounts, twitter and help to disseminate this important message?

I need your help to construct a culture of heroism in medicine. Take a look

Today at 6pm in Seattle

September 30, 2009

Seattle Kaplan Test Prep & Admissions Center

4216 University Way NE

Seattle, WA 98105

Will be doing Test Taking Strategy, showing ‘Comprehensive Cases” and talking about ‘Routine Miracles”

Berkeley California today, Seattle at 6pm tomorrow

September 29, 2009

Hi All,

I will be at the Kaplan Berkeley Center Today, tuesday at 3pm pacific time.
Seattle Kaplan Center at 6pm tomorrow, wednesday.

Saturday, at 530 pm at the AMSA convention in Philadelphia

Sunday at 11am at the Soji Zen center in Philadelphia

Please feel free to bring outside people, people with difficult diseases who need to hear how well we are doing in medicine, and pre-med people studying for MCATs who I would like to reach before their minds can be infected with Negativity.

Small efforts Count

September 29, 2009

Of course I would like to be on Oprah. Of course I would like a large national platform to discuss Hope, The Facts and Heroism. Of course I would like to change the very way we think in the medical schools. In Michael Moore’s new movie “Capitalism” it is no fun to hear him say that the “best in Engineering and Science are going into the financial industry and not into things like medicine or things that can be of service to the world”

So,  20 or 30 or 50 at a time, I go around the country to preach my message. “Now is the BEST time to be in medicine! Our income has NEVER been higher. How will YOU make the Art of Medicine better? What disease will YOU cure?”

Sometimes I feel it connects, sometimes I don’t. But don’t think that it is always so euphoric. I CANNOT tell who in the room is being touched. I cannot tell by what they say. In one class everyone is on the ‘Love, Love, Love ” thing, and then I ask the Simple task of ‘Go to Digg and ‘Digg’ the videos so it will get more attention’ and of 250 people maybe TWO do anything.

In another class in New Jersey a quiet Muslim lady with a Hajab, who say not ONE word to me and I think she may HATE my sense of humor arranges for what has been FOUR radio interviews on   with Cassie and Tim who are on their own sincere mission to make the idea of America fullfill its promise as a Great Civilization.

So, who can tell?   The same is true of your efforts in your studies. If your vision of WHAT you are doing medicine FOR is clear and true and beautiful then ALL the efforts, not matter how small will make some difference.