Step 3 Anxiety

Just back from the step 3 class in Chicago, I have deepened my understanding of anxiety. It is a near continuous state that the anxious think is only experienced by them. All we can do is prepare. When nervous, study, when upset, contend. It is better to be angry than depressed. Anger can move you, put you into action. get you to be inventive. If you do not like the method, change it. If you are sad, get mad!

All of them are variants of fear anyway, so choose the most mobile. When you are anxious say ‘I have a lot of company’.

How can we struggle to remember that what we are learning for that ‘test’ is all needed, useful and potentially life-saving? this is really the question. Why don’t we remember? Because we can’t help but forget. It is like saying’ why do I get tired?” or ‘If I do not eat why do I get hungry?” . Our calling is to be of service to a suffering humanity, and our work is to learn the skills, knowledge and judgement to take care of them, and work consistently, and regularly to keep it emotional for us.

Emotions are the ‘fixative’ that change, ferment and make permanent, more quickly what is ‘information’.

Today’s information, is tomorrow’s salvation.


One Response to “Step 3 Anxiety”

  1. Ada Says:

    Your Step 3 Master the Boards, Medical Ethics and Comprehensive cases helped me a lot with step 3 exam. As you said it was a tough one and I’m very glad that I took specially comprehensive cases.

    Thank you Dr. Fischer. This is all I can say.

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