Who is going to save the world if not us?

The United Nations is creating in a month an Agency on Women’s Rights and the prevention of violence against women. The former president of Chile, Michelle Bachelet will be running this. She is a pediatrician who was first Minister of Health, then Minister of Defense then President of her country.

Part of the point of my book ‘Routine Miracles’ was to remind physicians and medical students that we, as a profession, are in a far better position to help the world and the civilization than most. Why do Americans immediately accept a 700 billion dollar military but begrudge 100 billion to implement healthcare reform?

If doctors were as aggressive as the national rifle association, every American would have two healthcare policies. The recent elections, with many, including DOCTOR Rand Paul in Kentucky running on a platform of repealing healthcare reform is a disappointment at best, and disgusting at worst. At the single highest paid, best educated profession in the country, we should be running on a platform of ‘Do the right thing, we will find a way to pay for it.”

It could have been worse, On the other hand, the right time to do the right thing for suffering people is….NOW! On a single shopping day post Thanksgiving, we spent nearly 20 billion dollars. It seems that we always have enough time and money for what is important to us.

If I can find myself a way into the U.N. to work in that Agency, I am going. What do I have to lose? I sent Michelle Bachelet a letter friday. Let’s see.

This is important for those of you out there wondering whether you should try to go for some dream you have. Maybe you think it is only advice I give to others and not myself.

This agency is to make sure that Violence and rape against women as a routine tool of statecraft is stopped. That U. N peacekeepers who did NOT intervene in Congo while women were raped on the doorway get their asses kicked so that they protect those women.

Time for the six foot four inch USMLE teacher to get on the ground in those places and control male bad behavior. I am not experienced, I don’t know that I am qualified, but I know that my cause is just. So, anybody got Michelle Bachelet’s Phone number or email? I need to tell her how I am going to switch from USMLE teacher to U.N. employee.

The worst thing that could happen is that I fail. So what?


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