Those saying healthcare reform will be dismantled won’t succeed

A lot of people got elected in a change two weeks ago simply because people are scared. The economy is not what it was, and that is frightening. However, with only one house of congress an the democratic president who originated the healthcare bill in place, there is no way to turn it back. Over the last year all the federal agencies have been preparing the rules and the procedures to implement a good way towards universal care, and this is a good thing.

I am generally NOT a fan of ‘Communistic’ systems that do not put competition in place. But, without the public option, there is still PLENTY of competition. Just remember, everytime you see an ad for an insurer, that was payed for by money NOT spent on healthcare. Someones premium payed for that ad.

That is why any time someone says ‘free market forces will solve healthcare’ they are crazy. the best way to make money in the free market is to give you nothing and have me keep everything. There is NO free market solution by itself that takes care of working middle class people.

What does that is called ‘Decency’. It is called ‘Healthcare is a Right’ not a privilege.


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