The Greatness of a Society is based on how the BOTTOM 10% are treated, not the top 1%

Every society throughout time has had an aristocracy, a top 1%. Even the poorest countries have a luxuriant top few. That is not what distinguishes the greatness of a civilization. It is how we treat the bottom and the middle that makes a Civilization great. Universal public school education does not de-value the educational accomplishments of a Nobel prize winner, yet even this concept in the most affluent countries of universal literacy is only barely 100 years old.

There have been a top few treated well with luxurious food, servants, mansions and massages, but it is the discipline NEVER to mistreat the weak that makes the civilization great. The top people have ALWAYS gotten the best standard of the day in healthcare, but there is something very wrong about people so proud of withholding healthcare from vulnerable people they actually advertise that their number one public policy goal is to repeal healthcare reform.
First off, they will not succeed,but worse than that, they show the smallness of their souls and the narrow minded, dare I say discusting selfishness of their followers.


10 Responses to “The Greatness of a Society is based on how the BOTTOM 10% are treated, not the top 1%”

  1. 1stGenrationDoc Says:

    Wow…why don’t you run for office…you’ve got my vote!

  2. juliette Says:

    I agree with you in some aspects. You preach utopia and your clearly a humanitarian. I got into Columbia University in 1996 but decided to go back to my second country at heart to go to medical school. I worked in the slums and what an experience, but a perfect society doesn’t exist, I am finally realizing that at 37. So much corruption, and not real medicine is practiced that I came back home to US…what an experience did research with the best docs at Cedar-Sinai, St John’s and more hospital’s on East Coast and I became so depressed with the way they treated patients that I went into stripping and modeling and was making a fortune but again it doesn’t matter what the world is doing JUST DO YOUR BEST! I hope that you can get thru to the powerful but you know what I learned as long as your doing your part in loving and helping your patient that is what matters. Have a blessed night.

    BTW I think your an awesome individual, I wouldn’t waste my time with anything less. Keep preaching….

  3. bratescu adina Says:

    I highly doubt americans have or understand the concept of aristocracy;
    The aristocratic society has it’s roots from Europe and other than wealth, houses and massages implies obeing the rules that any other citizen of the given society needs to obey in order for the given society to evolve in the most healthy direction;
    Aristocratic means acting not in your own personal interest but in the interest of the whole society;
    Not all rich are aristocratic since it implies another quality of action; Nevertheless aristocratic refers to those that at some point organised the society and are therefore highly respected for their fair and respectfull decisions, indeed directly refering to the consequences of the bottom 10% of the population; this might might not had been an a direct benefit of one’s wealth;
    Americans have a top 1% of population populated with rich americans; If they do their best to promote the american society and not necessarily themselves it is not in my knoledge to comment;

  4. bratescu adina Says:

    Please feel free to document thyselves on the concept of “Cremation of care” ( ) a concept that organises America today, still and it’s top 1% and indirectly affects all the american nation;
    America was created to be anti-Aristocratic; The wild wild west that still exists on the streets today has neved been touched by any well-intended aristocracy.

  5. dr X Says:

    america is an experiment not a result of a long-termed refinement of a society;
    america was created by some rules that at some point were against natural behaviour;
    Now america has a what % of homosexuals? is homosexuality in america nature driven or is it an interest in terms of money?
    Is it nature that governs it’s rules or is it interest?
    Europe that has a 2000 year old history is nothing but a natural evolution of an organised society;
    most societies that simply “flow” with no need for surogate interventions are the ones that last…china, for instance;
    I think the name of the game is NATURAL SELECTION;
    I think America is a sintethic experiment that was not at some point generated by the majority’s wish;
    The majority in a group of people, at some point manages to organize themselves in a manner that will be beneficial for most and that is called the natural ocurring free society;
    America is governed by some rules, but, consequently the majority is a victim of them; this prooves it’s anti-natural organisation;
    america promotes gay marriage and children to be raised in gay “families”….good, as far as a sensible one can understand, one question puts the situation in “doubt” and that refers to it’s REASON;
    is it happiness?
    because no other society has ever showed so far, that this kind of organisation is able to sustain itself, to resist, to exist or to be succesfull;
    So my question is: Is it the heterogenous family as the society’s organisational core a consequence or a drive?
    Is it imposed by society or is it a natural occurence that subsequently organises the free society?
    is it the money that triggers the acceptance of an artificial relationship or is it the avoidance of punishment that results from an artificial society?
    Are some punished by the system?.. instead of being helped?
    Is someone mean? Is there any reason?

    • Conrad Fischer Says:

      Yes, the majority is roughly happy. With 16% depression, that leaves the ‘majority’ happy. My main concern, however, is not happiness, but rather that our pain be worthwhile.

  6. dr X Says:

    let’s not all self deep-fry in the virtual oil bath called gratitude!

  7. dr X Says:

    keep me an empty seat

  8. dr X Says:

    I am honored.

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