Ooo!!!! New Video! New Step 2 course

ooo!!! My new video!
Next year there will be 19,900 FIRST year US med students.

This is after a 30 year FLAT enrollment. The number of First year RESIDENCY positions is FIXED at 23,000 WHO will you choose for the 4,000 spots for IMGs? Take a look at comprehensive cases. It is designed to get the higher score that will be Mandatory in order to get into those spots.

Don’t get shut out! The test is not graded on a a curve.


One Response to “Ooo!!!! New Video! New Step 2 course”

  1. JACK Says:

    Dr. Fischer,

    In your Dec 21st post in referring to changes in healthcare (not necessarily did you tie these changes to healthcare reform…not sure if that was an inferred conection or not) you said “There is to be a THIRTY percent increase in the output of all US med Schools over three years. There is to be a 15,000 person increase in the number of residents.”

    Above you give thne #’s of US nmed school slots increasing but now say that residency spots are FIXED. So what happened to the 15,000 spot increase in residency positions? I am sure many would like to know. At a minimum I thought one of the critical pieces of healthcare reform to accompany increasing healthcare coverage/access was going to be increasing the financial incentives/payments to primary care physicians to make the field more attractive vs specializing and also an accompanying increase in the number of positions to provide the supply of physicians necessary to meet the increasing demand from the patient population.

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