Healthcare Reform a Little Closer

rarely do I have the level of sentimentality to gather my two children with me to watch something on TV. today at 4:07 pm a Michigan congressman, albeit grandstanding, threw his support to a bill, that however flawed (No public option) moves this country a hair closer to universal coverage. Fox ‘Opinion’ News network is going full blast to try to scare off the wavering congressmen about their jobs in November. As if the voters will remember another deficit more or less. no one got thrown out of office over the deficit spending on a trillion or two on the war in Iraq. It is hard to see anyone getting emtional and weepy over NOT kicking your brother off his plan for ‘pre-existing condition’ or kicking YOU off YOUR PARENTS plan because you are now 23 and the rules cover you till age 26 now, with the new plan, not age 21.

It is hard to imagine your grandmother living in Florida becoming infuriated because the new health plan STOPS her from having to fork over $1,000 to $2,000 a year OUT of POCKET for her medications. The ‘doughnut hole’ is gone.

If you don’t know what that is, and you are in healthcare you should be ashamed of yourself that you DON’T know that seniors have to pay CASH until they hit a maximum each year.

The Republicans have FAILED to scare off the usually spineless democrats about making a vote that makes it BETTER for sick people.

Tomorrow I will be in the hospital. Tomorrow, I will have to, again, like every day, discharge a person without insurance, a person unable to fill their prescriptions. yet, Tomorrow, I know that at least we will be on the way to ending this horrible and shameful injustice.


2 Responses to “Healthcare Reform a Little Closer”

  1. Kevin Says:

    If you are going to protest it, then at least read it.

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