Forgive my absence, Finishing new Step 2 USMLE book

Hello Everyone,
I apologize to the many people have been writing and commenting without my response. I have gone straight from my ‘Routine Miracles’ tour (sept to Nov) I have spent the last five months day and night writing “Master the Boards:Step TWO” which will be out at the end of July. This endeavor takes all my effort, because as you may or may not know, I continue to work as a functional clinical doctor and teacher during the day.

My writing would, I believe, have MUCH less value if I were just some guy who wrote books in a vacuum. Every day I go into New York City and see patients, write prescriptions and deal with the ill, the surviving and the dying.

When a book comes to an end like this, I take time or I am almost forced to contemplate the highest good. Another book? or to contemplate ‘Eschatology’ LOOK IT UP.
What are the ultimate thing? Perhaps this is to be the last one?

In 2009 I produced
Feb 2009: Master the Boards: Step THREE
May 2009: iPhone App ‘USMLE Disease Deck”
Sept 2009: Routine Miracles
Oct 2009: ‘Comprehensive Cases’ an on-line step 2 course.

is my soul larger because of it?
Maybe time to stop. Yet, watching the selfish, hatred and mean spiritedness that I see in the OPPOSITION to healthcare reform, we see…. nothing stays neutral… removal from the fight means it goes backwards…. Never once in all the nastiness that I in those OPPOSING reform do I hear anyone say “Am I my brother’s keeper?” what of those who are sick and injured and need us?


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