Passage of Healthcare Reform in the Senate

“More perfect Union” . It’s an interesting and good phrase from the ‘Declaration of Independence”. Not too arrogant, not too much intoxicated demagoguery that obliterates accuracy by saying ‘perfect’ or ‘complete’, but today, In America, we DO have a ‘More Perfect Union’.

Two or three generations ago, a woman could not vote, black people could not get a seat on a bus and it was okay to invade countries if you were strong enough.
In the ‘Post imperial” world, we do not need more territory, more land and geography. And, I am completely sure, that we as a society, have enough money for what is important to us.

Today, 30 million Americans will start on the process towards health coverage, the REAL risk to their lives. Today, enough Americans decided that FIRST you do what is right, then AFTER you figure out how to pay for it.
In America today, goodness has won. Justice is polished, Hope is stronger, the dream of a better america has occurred, ‘more perfect”


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