Today, we share a community,
Not just a city.
Today we are bound in a common effort,
Not just a common dwelling
We shed common fears
we discard the common desire to retreat from each other
We discard the impulse to meet disagreement with force.


2 Responses to “Community”

  1. Sravani Says:

    Dr. Fischer, you are a visionary!! Thank you for constantly and tirelessly inspiring us to relate to the human(e) side of medicine. Your thoughts and intention have a powerful effect on the way people think.

    You are an inexhaustible source of motivation to those who are just beginning in our career. I am grateful to your presence and your efforts towards collective awareness of social issues in health.

    • Conrad Fischer Says:

      Hi Sravani,
      thank you so much for writing. Please forgive my absence. I have these four months been working on a new book ‘Master the Boards Step 2″. This process is day and night and leaves not a moment. I hope you have found a place for this july. YOu are VERY kind to write to me.

      I will, as I usually do, write the introduction to the book this evening, as I always do, at the end. Today, I must think how much of my life I will devote to medicine and how much to a direct pursuit of the evolution of the human soul. It is important to know what effect this has on others, because we know for sure, we will die. What becomes of us afterwards is unknown. yet, time is short, and I will not waste a minute of it, unless it is to brighten this world and help our relief of suffering and to be ina postion to love more deeply, hence, I do not know if it is right for me to do another medical text book.

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