Brothers and Countrymen once again

It is not often that I must think about the ‘idea of America’, but with the passage of Healthcare reform, we now enter the Golden Age of Medicine.

There is to be a THIRTY percent increase in the output of all US med Schools over three years. There is to be a 15,000 person increase in the number of residents.

So, America sheds a light, or covers a light over MUCH greater area than just our own land.

Robert Kennedy 1968
“SURELY, we can begin to work a little harder,
To bind up the wounds among us,
and to become in our hearts,
Brothers and Countrymen,
Once again.”


5 Responses to “Brothers and Countrymen once again”

  1. Tana Says:

    Love is an action ???
    Clarify ……… AMUSE us 🙂

  2. Tana Says:

    Happy new year Dr Fischer

  3. Jack Says:

    Scott Brown wins Senate election in Massachusetts and the necessary vote to block Obamacare…looks like passing the liberal health bill is not a done deal…this bill may have to change shape dramatically to match more what the middle of America, independent voters, will want to see changed and more importantly will want to pay for.

    • Conrad Fischer Says:

      Democracy can never be used to protect the rights of the minority. that is what laws are for. Look inside and consider that we have a 1 TRILLION dollar military and ask if a fraction of this is not worth the work of compassion. I for one, cannot bear tossing sick people out of the hospital any longer without the ability to take care of themselves. Please consider developing the trait of generosity.

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