I am DELIGHTED that ‘Organized Medicine’ is 100% behind healthcare reform.

As a grown up ‘Class Clown’ I have rarely been on the same side as organized medicine. I have rarely seen them act with dignity,  courage and honor. I have seen cowardice, safe-keeping and reticence. I am delighted, thrilled, and happy to say that EVERY organized medicine group, all of them, have repeatedly, with decency, intelligence and guts, take on the ‘status Quo’. I have never been prouder to be a physician. It is NOT only that 77% of doctors support a public option, it is that the American College of Phyicians, the AmericanAcademy of Family Practive, the American College of Surgeons and MANY MANY MANY others are ALL doing the right thing. They are standing up for the good, the right, and the just.

I have never particularly felt ‘Proud’ to be part of the collegiality of physicians. But I am now. They are voting their hopes, and not their fears. They are acting as GOOD stewards of the public good and are acting from nobility


3 Responses to “I am DELIGHTED that ‘Organized Medicine’ is 100% behind healthcare reform.”

  1. Jas Garcio Says:

    Right time to be in Medicine!

    An intriguing article:


  2. Ada Says:

    Dr. Fischer, we’re very disappointed to know you won’t come to Boston.
    Isn’t Boston nearer to NY than all other states you had a tour to?:)

    I have a question and didn’t know where to ask it.
    Is there a difference between oligocolonal bands and IgG levels in CSF? I thought they are the same thing but I saw a question saying in a person with optic neuritis, CSF is negative for oligocolonal bands but IgG titer is high.

    Is there a chance you change your mind about cancelling the tour to Boston?

  3. Ada Says:

    When should we start getting disappointed from interviews?

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