Contemplating the number of Interviews you have

It is a weird time in the interview process. Even for the people who have many interviews, there has been a strange level of dissatatisfaction. You think you should be happier. I understand.

You will have to start from where you are. You can grow and learn enough medicine ANYWHERE. I am fully convinced of this.  Now, there is a difference in where you can get to later based on the name of where you are, but name only makes it easier. Not automatic. Not impossible.

When you are looking at your programs that you are going to for interview it comes down to two things:

-WHat is the location?

-Do people seem happy?


2 Responses to “Contemplating the number of Interviews you have”

  1. MG Says:

    Is there a way to learn more about how happy people are at a given residency program without going on the interview? My school strictly limits the amount of time I can take off for interviews during each rotation. As a result, I need to make some choices about which interviews are more worthy than others and am unsure how to proceed.

    Thank you for all of your guidance! Your personal statement series helped me to make a statement that truly reflects me!

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