Today’s Vote is HISTORIC!

It may not be perfect, but the Union today, in this American Civilization is MORE perfect. Over the objections of a Republican Party that is enthusiastic ONLY for military spending, a bill came out of the finance committee that has A LOT right! Millions more will be covered. You Can keep you own insurance if you like it. It will EXPAND residency positions. It will PREVENT insurance companies from throwing you off your plan because of a pre-existing condition or…. BECAUSE you are sick! It will expand coverage for many people


Let’s try to feel good for a minute. the country is moving in the right direction.

In the meantime, the Republican Party circulated  a petition to INCREASE troops in Afghanistan and to RE-open Guantanamo bay and to allow ANYONE to carry a gun on AMTRAK!

Seriously, that is their priority!

A med-advisor came to me today. He supports his ill 70 year old father. the Father’s Medicare coverage for his inhaler for his COPD just ran out. He is in the ‘Doughnut Hole”. Now the Med-advisor has to pay $300 a MONTH just for inhalers for his father.

Is that right?


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