Regulation is GOOD!

You may often hear retards on television talking about the evils of government regulation. those people are just plain STUPID! I hope they eat in a restaurant with no regulation of the kitchen and they all get food poisoning!

In terms of industry, drug companies and insurance companies they are FOR PROFIT! That means their job is to TAKE YOUR MONEY and give you as little as possible. that is why it is called a business!

I have just been reviewing new medications and I am nauseated to find NO original entities, jus drug companies having the audacity to dangle the promise of a few weeks of life in front of a cancer patient just to swipe $10,000 from them, or an new anti-anginal drug that on the reason for approval is…. get this!!! An ‘expert’s opinion”!!!!

We NEED regulation and HIGH standards to make the food and drug supply safe and we NEED a public healthcare insurance option. One NOT based on a CEO with a 32 million dollar salary.


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