Radio in Detroit, Wayne State and a Kaplan center

I will be on local NPR in Detroit on wednesday at 125pm to 150 pm (WDET-FM)

At 330, I will be at Wayne State Medical School in Detroit and at 6pm, I will be in the Kaplan Center in Detroit.

Thursday,  I will be on TV in Detroit on WJBK, the Local Fox affiliate at 815 am, eastern time

“Routine Miracles”


One Response to “Radio in Detroit, Wayne State and a Kaplan center”

  1. Tony L. Miller Says:

    Dr. Conrad, I really enjoyed your segment on Detroit’s WDET-FM. It was truly great to hear your positive message. I pray that many more people hear your message of hope and are inspired to strive to do great things. It would be a great thing for more people to stop and pay attention to the “Routine Miracles” of life. If we would share more stories of hope and fewer stories of hopelessness we could generate powere and creativity beyond our imaginations. Continue to share your message. KEEP THE FAITH, YOUR LABOR IS NOT IN VAIN!

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