New Drug! Sunitinib!~

Gosh I LOVE Imatinib, here it is, years after its discovery and it may soon go off patent…. Just in time to develop some NEW much more expensive versions (SUNITINIB) with NO proven better efficacy just in time to compensate Pfizer for losing its patent on Lipitor, the worlds FIRST TEN billion dollar drug!!!

Good for them!!!! Let’s hear for healthcare reform!!! And remember NO public option! Because then, smart people without stock inthe company would actually decide to approve what WE need, not what the company needs.

So… It is true, sunitinib is better than what it was compared to…. the F#(&$ING useless crap known as interferon for Renal cell carcinoma! And it really extended life! Wow!!! Five months more! a whole FIVE! Wow!

And, for ONLY TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS a year, for a Pill!

Yes, Tyrosine kinase inhibitors are a ‘Routine Miracle” but this sort of expensive ‘me too’ crap is exactly why the students and doctors are not ecstatic.  Ooops!!! Sorry, under the assinine part D of Medicare, it puts poor senior citizens right in the ‘Doughnut hole” where they must pay. I don’t like the term ‘doughnut hole”. I eat doughnut holes, they are tasty. 

This is the economic SHIThole!!! Oh!  Why worry? After all, it is not ME that has to pay out my money to a drug company as some sort of ‘death tax”

There are so many terrific breakthroughs, and so much more to be done. When will we reform healthcare and get some actual regulation to prevent these thieves from putting their hands in grandma’s purse as she is dying and too sick to object? WHEN did the republicans EVER become right that ‘regulation’ is bad? Regulation to ensure proper efficacy and costs are GOOD!!!

Make the ‘public Option’ work. It is the RIGHT thing!

These ‘Me too” super expensive bullshit drugs based on whatever the company can gouge out of scared sick people is EXACTLY the type of ‘market forces’ horror show, exploitative, mafia style theft that the republican party loves.

Let’s do it their way “De-regulate, sure!!! It’s always true that left to their own devices companies are really good people that would NEVER fix a study to make a billion. For instance, like Ezetamibe (Zetia) who WITHHELD the data showing NO mortality benefit until AFTER they made two BILLION dollars on this worthless Lipid lowering dogshit.


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