New Drug! Degarelix!! A GNrh ANTAGONIST

Wow!!! Degarelix is an ANTAGONIST of Gonadotropin releasing hormone!!! Another way to have an orchiectomy in a shot for prostate cancer! It does NOT prove to decrease mortality! but…. Another way to simulate castration!!!
My ex-wife should get approved for this indication then!

You’ve GOT to love the trade name  “FIRMa GONE!”  yes, what was ‘Firm” is now ‘Gone”!  You can’t make up stuff like this.

Wow! With the healthcare debate raging, it sure is good to have ANOTHER drug that works great (faster than leuprolide!) that ONLY costs a mere TWICE as much as an already approved drug ($2,000 a year for degarelix)

Yee Haw!!!


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