Obama and the Nobel Prize

I was truly shocked today to find the President awarded a peace prize with less than a year in office, and no firm accomplishments of resolved conflicts.

What can this mean?

An accident?  “Oops! sorry, it was supposed to be in 2019 NOT 2009!”

I don’t think so. the prize was given to the president to give him a moral,  and stature leg up to help in the QUEST for peace. This is rare in this prize. It was given as a way of helping foster the kinds of efforts layed out in his speach to the United Nations.

It seems that the world is ready to achieve peace.
What will we accomplish when we are no longer afraid?  Today I presented in a hospital in Chicago to one of the rare combinations of Faculty and Students together. What would we work on if we were not afraid and worried about our own future?

This is the time to re-consider everything we had formerly thought of as impossible. This is the time to re-commit to the nobel impulses that drove us forward in the first place. I, myself, must be a little more paitent, but not much.


4 Responses to “Obama and the Nobel Prize”

  1. Ada Says:

    Despite different ideas I think, a very important factor that is helping President Obama to achieve unbelievable situations, is his social intelligence.

  2. Sagar Mulay Says:

    If I promise to make straights A’s this term, you this they will put me on the Dean’s list tomorrow…

  3. free_thinker Says:

    I also surprised by this wining, couple of questions pop out in my mind ,are we so desperate to give such a prestigious prize for president Obama who are thinking at this time to send more troops to Afghanistan ?!! are we so desperate to give it to hem, because he just gave a promise to act ?!!
    I think it was too early, also this prize will be a burden on Obama’s shoulders, and will put him under the microscope for every step he will take.
    From the bottom of my heart I hope for him to achieve what the world’s leaders failed…….peace

  4. attractedfern Says:

    Obama got the prize for not being george bush..

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