What do you say if you are asked if you applied to other specialties?

Bobbylight writes:

If an interviewer flat out asks, “Did you apply to other specialties?” How do I handle this? It feels so unfair to be put in that situation. Everyone knows most applicants will apply to many specialties, either for “cushions” or simply because they are uncertain or like multiple fields. (The latter applies to me.)


It is NONE of their business if you applied to other specialties! Tell them “NO” .   Ask them if they were a virgin when they got married. Ask if they have ever cheated on their spouse. Ask them if they have ever been arrested.

YOu tell them “NO”. You are allowed, legally and ethically, to apply, interview and rank other specialties and figure it out on match day.

Maybe you are not sure.       MAybe you only got ONE interview in a more competitive specialty.

Maybe it is just a whim. You do NOT have to embarrass yourself, or THEM by saying :”Yes, I really DON’T want you or your program, Your are just a safety”

Ouch!!!!!   By the way, I propose the same solution if you are on a date as well.

“Oh Yes BABY!!!!! YOU are the ONE!!!!”

What should you tell them? “Actually, yeah, I went out with your sister last week, she was busy tonight  so I called you”


7 Responses to “What do you say if you are asked if you applied to other specialties?”

  1. lilionchin Says:

    hahahaha. this is so you!

  2. RAEB Says:

    Excellent. Thanks for this.

  3. Tana Says:

    That’s so funny .
    It’s typical DR. Fischer response .
    That’s why dealing with you is a very tricky task 🙂

  4. Aaron Says:

    Impatiently waiting for you in Toronto!

  5. waiting4ck Says:

    is there any way the other specialties in the same hospital will find out? what happens if they do?

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