“Sentient Beings are Numberless: I vow to save them”

“Sentient” means ‘something which has the ability to feel”. It comes from the same root as the spanish word ‘Sentir’.


It is also one of the three vows of the Buddhists in Zen meditation. At the Soji Zen Center yesterday, I presented on ‘Routine Miracle” in Philadelphia.

If you live in Philadelphia, I encourage you to go there, meet the teacher and get started. I spent two years doing Zen in medical school, until they finally told me, I would still have to sit still and be quiet.

Our paths are different, but the goal is the same.



2 Responses to ““Sentient Beings are Numberless: I vow to save them””

  1. Reem Says:

    You Dr.Fischer! sit still and be quiet !!!! that is impossible .You make others reach the “enlightenment” by your talk and your movement.It is true the goal is the same but the path is different.

    Good luck to you in Phil

    and best wishes from Ottawa

  2. Ada Says:

    They told you what???
    Sit still and be quiet?:)
    Well, they were terribly wrong!:)
    I can’t even imagine it.:)

    The word Sentient was amazing, I had never heard
    it before. Yeah they are countless but is there any priority
    or should there be ay priority to serve which one first?
    A flower thirsty for three days or a child in need? Looking at it in depth,
    it’s not an easy decision.

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