Peace in many places: Let’s feel good for a minute

Julius Caesar documented Celtic warriors running into battle naked and painted blue. 2,000 years of conflict between England and Ireland, the Scots and the Welsh is over. Even in the north of Ireland, peace is in place.

The Tamil Tigers have surrendered, and although there are mistreatments of the vanquished group, that war is over.

Not since Hadrian in 72AD has Europe seen a moment of peace. Continuous war betweens it’s states, and now the only argument is the price of beer and conflicts are worked out where they should be, on the Football (Soccer) field.

Don’t get too hypnotized by the difficulties in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Look at the places where THOUSANDS of years of conflict have come to peace.

Peace does not sell newspapers, and neither does “Routine Miracles”.  Beauty takes time to appreciate. Conflict hijacks your attention.

Sixty years of continuous peace in Europe. 

RE-devote yourself to the consideration of beauty and the imposssilbe. Bring it into being. Make an effort towards it. YOu only have one thing to sacrifice. YOur own suffering, worry and pain


One Response to “Peace in many places: Let’s feel good for a minute”

  1. Lynn Says:

    Yellow chrysanthemums
    bought at flea market
    placed on round table
    cat nibbles leaves
    Peacefully enjoying
    the tastiness of the gift

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