Question on Finding residency for an IMG

Dr. Fischer,

I was one of your students who is currently looking for a Residency Position  in Internal Medicine. I am a US Citizen(national) who is an IMG. In what program would I have the best chances? I do have US Clinical experience but it has been a couple of years since graduation, but I understand it would not matter for the NY State licensing board when I graduated.




With over 30% of PGY 1 positions going to IMGs, the question of which programs will take IMGs is a little vague. the answer is THOUSANDS  (there are 8,000 separate programs in the united states) . As for the year of graduation, you are correct that this has no effect on licensing. It does, however, have some impact on your marketability for program directors who may not want to take people graduating >5-10 years ago.

That is why the only way you can make yourself competitive, is often a higher score on Step 3 or something like that


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