Critical Interview today. Please disseminate


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  1. Ada Says:

    What I understand from this very exciting interview is that, you mean, a heroic culture with perfectionist people which truly is observed by the world, should not let illusions take power over it. Right?

    What I personally liked in this interview was your point toward suicide. Mentioning that many people commit suicide of disappointment and this is the duty of medical society to give hope back to them.
    This is again my understanding.

    Wonderful! It’s not easy to challenge conservative people. As I always say, the world needs more poeple like you.

  2. Ada Says:

    I have a question and I’m ready to be yelled at!:)
    I’m only asking.
    This military budget is also for medical care of the soldiers, right?
    Will they still be ok in case of all the medical care they may need at the field or wherever they are, if they cut like 10% of this budget?

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