Small efforts Count

Of course I would like to be on Oprah. Of course I would like a large national platform to discuss Hope, The Facts and Heroism. Of course I would like to change the very way we think in the medical schools. In Michael Moore’s new movie “Capitalism” it is no fun to hear him say that the “best in Engineering and Science are going into the financial industry and not into things like medicine or things that can be of service to the world”

So,  20 or 30 or 50 at a time, I go around the country to preach my message. “Now is the BEST time to be in medicine! Our income has NEVER been higher. How will YOU make the Art of Medicine better? What disease will YOU cure?”

Sometimes I feel it connects, sometimes I don’t. But don’t think that it is always so euphoric. I CANNOT tell who in the room is being touched. I cannot tell by what they say. In one class everyone is on the ‘Love, Love, Love ” thing, and then I ask the Simple task of ‘Go to Digg and ‘Digg’ the videos so it will get more attention’ and of 250 people maybe TWO do anything.

In another class in New Jersey a quiet Muslim lady with a Hajab, who say not ONE word to me and I think she may HATE my sense of humor arranges for what has been FOUR radio interviews on   with Cassie and Tim who are on their own sincere mission to make the idea of America fullfill its promise as a Great Civilization.

So, who can tell?   The same is true of your efforts in your studies. If your vision of WHAT you are doing medicine FOR is clear and true and beautiful then ALL the efforts, not matter how small will make some difference.


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