Do NOT worry!

At this time of the interview season, I know that many of you are anxious. You have spent years in school, college, Med school and it is now all coming to fruition.

This is a time of extraordinary opportunity to realize the fruits of your labors, to practice your art and to follow your calling.

Ask not, ‘How will I be safe”  or ‘How do I get my first choice?” but ask “Where am I MOST necessary?”  “Where does the world need me?”

I myself, did NOT get my first choice in the match. But, I DID end up where it was right for me.


3 Responses to “Do NOT worry!”

  1. Natasha Says:

    And again, Dr Fischer’s words of wisdom and inspiration!!!

    Awsome blogs and fast replies

    You doing great job, Dr Fischer

    Thank you

  2. Grace Bhatti Says:

    Thanks Dr. Fischer for reminding us yet again why we chose medicine as a profession.
    Coming from a different cultural background, I really did not understand all the debates going on the Healthcare Reform. I took what I heard from friends and relatives and sensed their fear if this reform was implemented. After attending your live online lecture on Routine Miracles, I am now going back and forth reading all about the Healthcare System/system. I just saw your tv interview and it wasn’t a surprise to hear the usual comment of paying more or getting less so everyone is covered!
    I asked my husband what he thought of the reform and believe me, he had the same response.
    America is viewed as a nation who can rise up to difficult situations, but i don’t understand why people especially medical professionals are being selfish? Isn’t this the time to prove our true calling to our profession? As you quoted in your interview: “taking care of everyone even those whom we may deem unworthy is the price of being noble”. I have a strong missionary background and I am grateful that my parents taught me the value of serving the undeserved and unpriveleged. I believe that medicine is a very straight forward profession with one and one goal only i.e. to serve the sick and to cure diseases.

    I commend you for all the hard work you are doing! May we all see past our personal goals and be ready to take up the challenge!


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