Michael Moore’s Newest movie on Capitalism Affects us!

The two main points that I took out of Michael Moore’s movie is that

1. We handed over a Trillion on the military because we were scared. We handed over nearly a trillion on the bailout because we were scared.

We are NOT handing out what we need on healthcare because we are NOT able able to make the same case for fear…. it is not as frightening and immediate as a military attack or economic fears. Yet, the reality is FAR worse. The calm nature of the physician, the measured tones, have made us losers in in political realm where fear of disaster and failure is what makes people move.

We MUST sell healthcare reform as 1. A military attack on the country.   2.The GREATEST source of economic ruin for the country.

Then people will move.

Second point of Michael Moore’s movie.

The BEST and BRIGHTEST have been kidnapped into the Finance industry, NOT the cure of disease. This is a central theme of “Routine Miracles” . Time to get the BEST back  into medicine.


One Response to “Michael Moore’s Newest movie on Capitalism Affects us!”

  1. Lynn Says:

    Dear Conrad:
    I have a dear long-time friend who was a radioastonomer at the Naval Observatory and who has been retired on disability for recurrent, severe bipolar disorder/Barrett’s esphophagus and hypertension. He has govenrnment blue/cross-blue shield insurance and a partial pension. He can barely afford all his medications every month. He has now been cherry-picked for the THIRD time in 2 years by his pmd who wants him to pay a larger copay of find another pmd. He was told finding the pmd is his problem.Each time, he has to pay for a new intake interview and explain 58 years of medical history to a new doc. He is angry, frustrated and upset with the medical system in general and physicians in particular because he says all we want is to extort money from patients to support out extravagant lifestyle. He informed me yesterday if I treat my patients that way (I’m a shrink) when I get out of fellowship, he will terminate the friendship. How do I bring your message of courage, strength and hope to my friend when he is in such dire straits? I know he isn’t the only one in the country who has been dumped out of the middle class by the health care system. Also, how do I keep from becoming one of those evil docs? I have a 10 yo Miata and medical school debt so I can’t see patients for free. How do we balance our self interest and the wellbeing of our patients?Please advise.

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