Five Days of Presentations in California Just Done

From this past sunday,  until about 11 hours ago,  I was in California making a number of presentations on ‘Routine Miracles”.  University of San Diego, University of Southern California, UCLA, Family Practice, Kaiser Sunset Hospital, The Block Radio ( , Zocalo Square literary Magazine, two Kaplan Centers.

It’s not so easy to stay positive in the face of so many fixed, negative ideas. There is a nearly universal belief in the minds of the students and the doctors that the best days in Medicine are for some reason in the past. The same fear based psychology. I see no evidence of a ground swell of excitement about the burning issues of Health Care Reform. I see no evidence that the near certitude that there is to be the largest leap forward in healthcare coverage in forty years is about to happen and that the country will be living up better to its ideals.

I See little evidence of leadership trickling down to the students and the residents that we are in the incipient age of a Greater Civilization that casts a finer value on all our citizens and that we are to have the greatest explosion in medical education in a century.

Not one person has greeted me with a word showing that the Research Budget in the United States has just been raised to the most generous in the history of the world.

Where then, are our hearts?   Where are the ideals that gave you the impulse to enter medicine? How much longer will your life be tormented by fear?

We are entering a golden age of medicine. The Miraculous is occuring.

Get on board!

How will YOU contribute?  What disease will YOU eradicate?


2 Responses to “Five Days of Presentations in California Just Done”

  1. Ada Says:

    Well, maybe that’s because some of us are from very ancient civilizations and are so connected to the past.:)
    You know, if you ask me something about my country, instead of discussing NOW, I discuss The Anceint Persia for hours.:)
    I have no explanation for that. Just there is a connection in my mind between me and a kind of joy in the past without having any experience of that.:)

    It doesn’t mean no one understands. When miracles being described, minds begin to process the new information but way of thinking takes time to change. It’s just a matter of time.:)

  2. Ada Says:

    Actually, my biggest wish is finding a way so people can stop smoking easily. This way, many conditions will be eradicated. It’s so frustrating though, looks like nothing is going to work, however, there must be a way, hopefully an easy, painless and inexpensive way.

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