Keep the public Option alive

I strongly urge you to call the senate finance committee to keep the public option in financing alive.  I think this is a strong incentive to competition and is in the best interest of the American People.

It is the way of the Post Office, Amtrak and many other areas in which we live. Private insurance is a business.  A business is based on profit, in which THEY, the owners and shareholders are to keep as much as possible, and give you as little as possible.

Why do you think the insurance industry is so scared of this?

Did you know that 77% of physicians support a public option?


6 Responses to “Keep the public Option alive”

  1. lynn Says:

    They are afraid because if we have a public option, we will not pay them for insurance coverage. I don’t use Fedex if there is a post office nearby and I won’t subsidize insurance companies if I have a public option.
    I just spoke with a patient who is 61 years old and doesn’t have insurance so she hasn’t been getting any medication at all, including the one that costs 200.00 for 60 pills to help her with mood and sleeping. She gets social security and has 200.00 left over after she pays rent and phone bill,m etc for food. How is she supposed to pay for mandatory insurance ???Out of her food money???

  2. RAEB Says:

    Dr. Fischer I’d like to use the 77% in normal day-to-day talk, but what’s your source on that?

  3. RAEB Says:

    So it took me a little while, but I was able to get this for you (not sure if you read it already or care):

    But for me, nothing like straight from the source.

    Thanks. Would’ve missed this if not for your post.

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