HIV and pregnancy Question

The criteria for starting anti-retrovirals in pregnancy are

1. If the CD4 is LOW (<350) or the Viral load is elevated, then start THREE drugs IMMEDIATELY

2. If the CD4 is HIGH (>350) and the viral load is LOW, then start medications in the 2nd and 3rd trimester and stop after delivery

3. C-Section is ONLY used if the viral load is above ONE THOUSAND. this is a special cut off just for preventing perinatal transmission of HIV.


One Response to “HIV and pregnancy Question”

  1. lynn touzeau Says:

    hi-please email me. I now have failed step 3 by 1 point on my 3rd try. i took your course at ny kaplan last fall, used usmle world and worked my ass off (not hard enough), obviously) for 5 months studying.I am in my 2nd fellowship year (CL psych) and am in despair over this exam. I am 62 years old; went to med school when I was over 50 and I am letting this exam keeping me back from fulfilling my dream of saving the world one person at a time please help.I could aske them to recheck the score but all say it is 55.00 wasted.please, please advise. Best,
    Lynn Touzeau

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