Protect the Health Insurance companies!!!

I have changed my mind!!! A public option is BAD!!! We must protect the health insurance companies!!


3 Responses to “Protect the Health Insurance companies!!!”

  1. Kevin Says:

    These people agree with you that a public option is a bad idea

    • nani Says:

      man! it’a amazing how people are manipulated through ignorance… it is so sad that people make up their minds on something and fight against it without even knowing what it is they’re really talking about!
      unfortunately, it is the true reality that it is in our nature to react with fear and rejection towards the things we don’t understand. The sad part is, people are too comfortable to step out of their little box and actually try to think for themselves, they just buy whatever they are told. Shame…!

    • Conrad Fischer Says:

      Thank you VERY much for seeing more about the people opposed to the public option.

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