Public option like the Post Office: Should we privatize it?

Out daily lives in America are filled with government run, and government regulated facilities. I took Amtrak to Washington DC yesterday, it seemed to go okay. It is a private organization with government subsidy and control.

Did Amtrak put the other railroads “Out of business”? Not exactly. Its only that the only way to get tracks layed out to remote places is to have government subsidy. Yes, the other railroad passed away.

Why? Because MANY basic services CANNOT happen without tax dollar support.

If the people opposing a ‘Public Option” on the grounds that they do not like ‘Government takeover’, then they should eliminate Amtrak. How about 1,900 separate private Post Office Companies like there are insurance companies? How would you like that? Me? I  live in New York. We would be okay here, because we have the business and the volume.

The rest of the country? Rural places? You think ANY private company will take your SINGLE letter out to you for 44 cents?

Healthcare has become TOO expesive to be managed on the private model.

Time to get over the irrational fear of ‘Government takeover’ . Its better just to be alive.


One Response to “Public option like the Post Office: Should we privatize it?”

  1. pritesh Says:

    Why should people in NY be forced to subsidize mail that goes to rural areas?? Why should tax payers flip the bill for a post office that loses money every year when there are plenty of private alternatives???

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