Washington DC Tonight at 5pm

I will be at the Washington DC Kaplan Center presenting on test taking and Routine Miracles afterwards. Come by and say hello!


2 Responses to “Washington DC Tonight at 5pm”

  1. Dao Says:

    Hi Dr. Fischer, I was one of the St. Matthew’s students you taught recently. Anyhow, I saw that Oprah is going to be in NYC and a thought occurred to me – I know you are promoting your new book and Oprah is like ‘gold’ when it comes to promoting things. Have you thought, or would it be possible that you somehow get Oprah to mention your book on the show? Maybe even have it be a book in the Oprah Bookclub thing she has? Anyhow just something that came to mind, thinking that it would reach a lot of people. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge with us as we prepare for STEP 1. You are an awesome individual, to the level that the following Kaplan teacher had to mention “I’m teaching after Dr. Fischer?”. I forwarded some of your links to my father who is also a physician and he found them interesting as well.

    • Conrad Fischer Says:

      thank you so much for your comment. I am delighted by the Oprah comment, and the next time you are speaking to her, please do mention me to her.

      Seriously, You are TOTALLY right, is is just AMAZINGLY hard to get on, but please do send it to her. Seriously. I appreciate your support.

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