Should I wait for my step 2 score to apply?


I am an IMG with a 90 on step 1 and pass on CS. I am applying in anesthesiology. Should I wait for the resultys of my step 2 exam to apply?


NO, I do not think you have to wait. I think that with a 90 on step 1 it is unlikely that they will inactivate you because of this. If you have a LOW step 1 score, then I would wait.



3 Responses to “Should I wait for my step 2 score to apply?”

  1. Cluck Says:

    What about with a 250+ on step1, but with 2 failures on the test? Step2 cs passed on ist attempt, ck awaited(probably a 240+ score (nbme practice test)). Applying to IM and yeah, also an IMG.

    • Conrad Fischer Says:

      It is very hard to get by a failure, there is no way to hid it. If you have a great grade on step 2, thant whould go a long way to correcting it. the fact that when you DID pass step one you got a great grade will really help a lot.

  2. Mark Pinkhasov Says:

    I got 226/94 on Step 1, have published research and a Pharm.D degree. I am in my 4th year at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine.
    Do I need to have a step 2 score to apply to a IM residency programs? Will pregrams grant an interview without step 2 score?
    I plan to take step 2 in late november

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