Inadequacy of the Senate Healthcare bill!

Our countries healthcare system is in the process of being highjacked by a small group of short-sighted, narrow minded hard-hearted people with bad priorities.

What is clear, is that the power held by the senate finance committee is by representatives of 5.3 million people. Look at the states where the finance committee is from. Look at the TINY TINY number of people! They are playing to THEIR electorate. To their infintissimaly SMALL, SMALL group of  people who are NOT standing up for a Great Civilization. They have put cost, greed and smallness ahead of decency.

The bill that came out today from Finance is WRONG!  And when you see that the ENTIRE population represented by these people is less than the state of Maryland alone.


Wyoming 532,000

North Dakota 641,000

Montana 932,000

Maine 1,300,000

New Mexico 1,900,000

Iowa 3,000,000


One Response to “Inadequacy of the Senate Healthcare bill!”

  1. Don Says:

    Tell me about it!

    When the insurance companies remain the biggest winners in the proposed bill, one wonders whether any meaningful ‘reform’ was done.

    Is it just me or is this bill a far cry from the one suggested in the president’s wonderful speech last week?


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