Public Option: Abandoning principles

16% of a 40 trillion dollar economy is a bit more than car fare. It is not surprising that the insurance companies would support reform ONLY as long as it did not include a public option which would be more efficient, less expensive and less corrupt.

I am sure there will be a healthcare reform bill, I do NOT however think that the public option will surivive and that is a profound defeat for the American People. It iwll be a huge payoff for the insureres. Extra funding and mandatory insurance for healthy youg people so that corporations will become richer.


One Response to “Public Option: Abandoning principles”

  1. Kevin Says:

    The problem is we have done this to ourselves. The voices of the misguided drown out the voices of those who wish to have rational discussion about change, especially in the media.

    here is a prime example from the other day.

    What happened to being able to peacefully state your counterpoint without needing an army of cops to protect you?

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