How will failing step 2 CS hurt me?

I am an IMG with scores of 94 and 95,passed cs on second attempt,1 month observership in a community hospital.I graduated 2 years ago.I have applied for IM.From your above post it looks like the cs attempt is going to be very bad.So do you mean that nothing can compensate for my failure in cs once?What about average programs?

I would be grateful if you could share your thoughts on my case.

WIth GOOD step 1 nad 2 scores, I would simply say you had explosive diarrhea on the day of the exam. You will still have a good chance. I think a great step 3 score will help as well.


3 Responses to “How will failing step 2 CS hurt me?”

  1. nani Says:

    how about if u’re like me, dr? an IMG with step 1 in the 90s and passed CS first attempt, but no certification (haven’t taken the CK yet, currently studying for it), and no US experience… what are the odds? do we actually stand a chance?

    ps= now they report the CS with the same bar-like diagram they use for the other tests, do you think that is a good thing? I think eventually, even though CS is just a pass/fail test, hospitals will start looking at it as a measurement of how good you did on the exam and they will start setting criteria too… I think that if that is the purpose of the breakdown they give you with the CS report, they should just grade it, it’s more objective than just looking at your performance by the bars…

    thank u for your thoughts, the best of lucks with the ‘Routine Miracles’ tour! 🙂

  2. Rob J. Cole Says:

    Dr. Fischer I really doubt that telling a program director that the cause of failing Step 2 CS was an explosive episode of diarrhea might help somebody, I think it would be better to be honest about it. I know how nervous you can get with the standarized patients, being in a different city (or even a different country) than your own may put your nerves a little bit high, so what I would suggest to this Doctor is just being honest about what happened to you. Hope that helps a little.

  3. apu Says:

    Thankyou Dr.Fischer for your views.You were the program director in the place where i did my observership.I was so excited when i got to know that.I have watched the videos of your lectures at Kaplan and to be in the same hospital where you once taught was a nice feeling.

    Well though its very early in the season,I have no IVs yet and just a couple of rejections.But sometimes in life we do meet with failure.I have resolved to face this challenge as it comes.If I get a few interviews I hope that program directors will look beyond my failure and see my ” inner spark”.

    I am waiting for my miracle:)
    Good luck with your new book.

    P.S- Master of the boards is a great book.congratulations!

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