Hope, The Facts and Heroism

I have been thinking of shortening my presentation on ‘Routine Miracles”.  I am doing an interview on Sirius Satelite radio on ‘The Doctor Show” at 6am on Channel 114 on tuesday and need to encapsulate the ideas.

I will be looking at shrinking it down to these three points.


3 Responses to “Hope, The Facts and Heroism”

  1. Ada Says:

    Hello Dr. Fischer,

    Thank you for the wonderful presentation.
    I have two questions;

    1- Do you believe if … say 20 years later you write another version of Routine Miracles for that time, about many unbelievable new medical achievements, will there be a chapter about really functional suicide prevention methods in that book?
    You talked about the role of depression but I always think … there may be another underlying cause for suicide, since, all depressed people do not commit suicide and on the other hand many of those who commit suicide do not have a known history of suicide. So do you think there would be some day, any new solution that saves people from one of the leading causes of death?

    2- Do you think some day tele-medicine will also become a routine?
    By all the progresses in robotic surgery and file sharing via internet, it would be possible for a dying woman in the far corners of a village in Africa to be treated by a surgeon in another country that can’t travel to Africa but still is able to save her life? It looks like science fiction stories, but how probable do you see it?

    Thank you and please forgive my long questions.:)

  2. Alyssa M Says:

    Hi Dr. Fischer,

    I recently listend to your online Kaplan lecture. To me, it actually wasn’t a lecture. I was truly inspired to seek that hope all the time and be grateful and to feel the calling!
    I am not sure where else to ask you but through a comment here.. but,
    As a young, yet determined undergraduate student, what would your advise be to stay determined and on track towards medical school and becoming a doctor? I do not wish these years away, but I just want to help patients so bad.. right now! It is frustrating though, going through all of these years of schooling. I want to be the one to say, “we can fix that”. I am almost possitive you know the feeling. I would be honored to hear what you have to say.

    Thank you kindly,

    Alyssa Mazzarella
    Central Connecticut State University

  3. Lauren Pratt Says:

    Dr. Fischer,

    I just watched your kickoff of the book online. I was very intrigued with your answers to the questions that were asked. I wish you were coming closer to where I am because I would very much like to see you in person. I am in Tampa, Fl and in undergraduate school, about to take my mcat class at Kaplan. I am very excited about continuing my education with medicine. Not only did you give me hope, but you help me with desire, and my “calling” to medicine.

    Thank You

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