Start reform from the result and work backwards

I have made a career out of going to hospitals and programs that want to change, to improve and to grow. One program had the lowest board pass rate in the United States, another was on probation, another could not keep any graduates of their own medical school, another simply was thought of as a dump.

In every case, you walk in with a clear vision of the result. What do we want it to look like at the end?

Never, ever, ever, ever start with “How do we pay for this?” or ” Can we afford it?” Start with  “THIS IS WHERE WE ARE GOING. now tell me how you want to get there”

In this great land of ours, with the eyes of the world upon us, we are called to create a Great Civilization.  Do we agree on the end product?

Then let us begin. Start now. And I promise you, we shall achieve this end. And the heart and mind of this Great Civilization will expand to fill the grandeur that is our destiny.


2 Responses to “Start reform from the result and work backwards”

  1. Ada Says:

    This is the method of life we all need to learn;
    looking at the final exciting goal, no matter how
    difficult the path looks.
    That’s the method Michelangelo used as is explained
    in the famous book; bread and wine.
    He used to see his work done before even beginning
    it and the final picture would give him all the energy
    and motivation he needed to make an impossibility
    come true.

    Dr. Fischer, I forgot to thank you for keeping all of us
    so motivated. The world needs more people like you.

    • Conrad Fischer Says:

      Hi Ada,
      Thank you for this WONDERFUL response!! I am not familiar with Michelangelo’s book “Bread and Wine’ but I will try to take a look. I LOVE the idea you relate of seeing the whole work of art as a whole. This is EXACTLY what I meant. The hospital is my canvas and the people, tests and diseases my pallette of colors.

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