How important are Step 3 scores?

QUESTION:Congratulations on your new book and i hope to meet you soon in the bay area! I was wondering important are the step 3 scores? I mean, do PDs look for a pass or is there any optimum range of scores? I have 99 in both step1 & 2, and 85 on step3


When you have all three steps prior to applying, they are, more or less, averaged.

When you have a 99 on step 1 and 2 then a step 3 score of 85 may hurt you just a little.

If you have step 1 and 2 score of 79 and 79 or a failure on step 1 or 2 then a step 3 score of 85 will help you.



4 Responses to “How important are Step 3 scores?”

  1. Brad Says:

    What about 270+ and 280+ on step 1and 2 respectively and 250+ on step 3?

  2. bobbylight1 Says:

    I got two low scores for steps 1 & 2, yet had a good number of interviews and almost matched. I am applying again this year, and took step 3 a month ago. I just found out I did horribly on it! (My CCS cases were strong though, go figure). So now I’m looking at retaking step 3 mid-January in hopes to catch the February ranking deadlines. Am I totally finished? I feel hopeless and broke, and older. I graduated Ross 2008. I have also been doing an MPH course. Will that help enough for catching some interviews. I just shot myself in the foot. Am I through at this point? This is all I ever wanted to do. I appreciate any tips. Thanks Dr. Fish

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