Evidence for the superiority of the current medical student compared to the past

Every bit of objective evidence should convince you that a current medical student is superior to students of the past.

  • USMLE Scores 15 years ago were an average of 200, now it is 222
  • IQ rises by three points per decade
  • Passing rates on Internal Medicine Boards have risen from 75% to over 90%
  • Attending Re-certification rates on boards are LOWER than for fresh residents

Would you consider that you, the current student, is the beauty of the world? the ‘Flower’ of your generation? Perhaps there is no one else to save the world, except you. You are intelligent, qualified and capable. You have only to realize that there is NO ONE else who will do these great things such as the cure of autism or diabetes EXCEPT you!


5 Responses to “Evidence for the superiority of the current medical student compared to the past”

  1. zrivera Says:

    Thank you doctor for all you positivism !!

  2. pranabchatterjee Says:

    awesome. really bolsters the ego and confidence of this medical student for sure! have these data been published in a single paper/publication or collated from anecdotal evidence?

    • Conrad Fischer Says:

      They have not been published in a single paper, but they are a matter of public record, they are just the USMLE scores

  3. Rob J. Cole Says:

    Well Dr. Fischer you should also consider that medical education has dramatically changed over the last 15 years, back then basically only books were the only source to study, now with the internet, computer animations, video lectures, question banks and all the paraphernalia it is easier to study for the USMLE. I am not saying is a piece of cake but at least the tools have become widely available for anybody to study.

  4. nani Says:


    talking about modern miracles!

    I just read about osteo-odonto-keratoprosthesis!A 60 y/o woman that had been blind for nine years got her sight back by this surgery! A 34 y/o man blind for 5 years can now see! I had no idea that something like that even existed!

    It is true what u say… people tend to repeat and make public only the bad things, the mistakes, the failures, but things like these, even though they need to be perfected, should be the kind of thing EVERYBODY should be talking about!! We should be ecstatic about this sort of advancements! a procedure that uses one of your teeth to put it in your EYE and to restore your sight??!! sounds straight out of a sci-fi movie! and still, WE DO IT!

    this is why research needs to be supported, so things like this can keep on happening! Keep up the good fight, you ARE restoring our hope and we are grateful for it!

    Best of lucks with your tour!
    Regards and blessings,

    Daniela Donoso

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