“What’s in it for me?”

Here I am listening to details of the healthcare reform battle.  I hear a new point. A senator from Nebraska says :” My people who HAVE insurance what to know ‘What’s in it for them?”

Nebraska, interestingly, is a state that identifies itself as 95% believing Christian. I would like to know philosophical system starts with ‘What’s in it for me?”.  HOw about “WHatsoever you do unto the least of these my brethren, you do unto me?”

Look, I don’t want anyone to touch my health insurance, I don’t want to lose anything, and if there are any higher taxes, there is a 100 to 1 chance that I am the one who will have to pay, not you. I don’t understand that really, there is a military that is >$700 billion more than it was 8 years ago and I don’t know why we can’t use some of that. We have troops stationed in OVER one HUNDRED countries, did you know that? Did you know that?

I am going to go okay no matter what. But I have ideals and beliefs that need to live. My belief is that sick people need to be taken care of. Period. 

I don’t use an cruel and insensitive argument of ‘take responsibility for yourself” as an excuse to disregard people.

There are MANY MANY working people who do not get insurance from their jobs,a nd they need to be taken care of. This is a civilization definining moment.


How will you like to look at your country in the future? Will we allow forces of hatred and negativity to allow a ‘Screw them! I got mine! Let them get theirs!!”  Now is the time to stand up for goodness, and kindness.  I do NOT believe this is a matter of “I must make my helalthcare worse, to get you yours” Wrong!!


There IS enough for everyone.

Let’s live in a country where we take care of each other. Where Goodness and mercy are teh watchwords that define our culture. Where payment for kindness is unlimited and fear is neutralized.

Come to see me on Thursday night at 7pm at StPaul the APostle church in NYC



3 Responses to ““What’s in it for me?””

  1. waiting4ck Says:

    thank you, I will definatley keep you and this world in my prayers 🙂
    looking forward to a better tomorrow

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