Digg me!!!!


This is my link to one of the videos on Digg. It is a VERY big deal to have this sent out to as many people as possible. Use your facebook username and password.

Please put this on your facebook. Please spread the word: THIS is the best it has EVER been in medicine!

THESE ARE the ‘Good Old Days!”


Before a little while ago this woman would have been left to suffer and be invisible. This is like a resurrection!

Digg it, please and put a comment!


4 Responses to “Digg me!!!!”

  1. jas garcio Says:

    Will do that.

    • Conrad Fischer Says:

      Thanks!!! REally need the help the get the word out. Do you think you would be able to get 10 other people onto Digg as wel?l

  2. jas garcio Says:

    Will do it dr….I have already uploaded…Hope those in my friend’s list see those:)

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