Letters of Recomendation NOT necessary to apply!

Attention Anxious ones!!!

You are TOTALLY justified in being anxious about your application, I understand.  You do NOT need to have your LOR’s in order to apply!!1 In fact, you can apply and even be invited to interview and then LATER the letters go in.

You have no idea how many people have delayed letters.

Faculty letter writing is a chore. Seriously, even committed people have to spend a 15-20 minute time biopsy to write a good one. I have written hundreds, if not thousands of letters and it is HARD to make them sound unique.


1. Remind the writer every 3-4 days.

2. Go very gentle.

3. Start with ‘I know you are really busy”




One Response to “Letters of Recomendation NOT necessary to apply!”

  1. arjune Says:

    time biopsy sounds like a great name for a band. actually so does ‘routine miracles’

    “Madison Square Garden presents Routine Miracles with special guest Time Biopsy”

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