Conrad Fischer’s World tour begins!

I have some availability in:

San Diego California September 20/21

Los Angeles Sep 21

SanFrancisco Sep 25

Seattle Sept 29/30

Houston October 5-7

Chicago Oct 9/10  Oct 20-22

Detroit Oct 14/15

Columbus Ohio Oct 26

Toronto Oct 27

Boston Oct 29

Columbia Missouri Oct 30

All of these places have presentations scheduled, however, since this is a FIRST ever national tour I want to PACK the days to reach the maximum number of people.


4 Responses to “Conrad Fischer’s World tour begins!”

  1. nani Says:

    will you be going to south america too?

    • Conrad Fischer Says:

      Planning on going to south america but the date is not set. Was to be in Peru this month, but cancelled at last minute

  2. RAEB Says:

    We would love to have you down here at the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara, in Mexico.

    I’m a Canadian student down here and we have approx. 250 students from the US, Can, middle east that would love to hear from you personally.

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