U.S. Surgeon working in Afghanistan walks in with “Routine Miracles”

the guy laughs at all my jokes. It is hard for me NOT to like someone like that.  He is a goofy, happy seeming guy. really relaxed and easy going.

He walks in today with a copy of “Routine Miracles” today into a step 3 class “I don’t want to seem like a groupie, but I got the book in Barnes and Noble last night. I just wanted to be the first to come  into class with it”

After class he tells me that he spent seven months in Afghanistan working as a surgeon. He is in the middle of surgical residency and he took his year of research that is typical in a good surgical residency as time in Afghanistan.

“We could not go out to help people without them shooting at us and trying to blow us up. We try to help people, but they just don’t want us there. they feel we brought the troubles with us with the invasion”

I ask who, which group, he went with. “The Army”

Apparently decency and goodness take all forms

I am surprised that he agrees with me about healthcare reform. We spend a minute agreeing that for the military, resources are unlimited. but there is this odd sense of insufficiency in terms of covering people for healthcare.

The happy guy who put his life on the line for his duty.

He doesn’t seem like a ‘Groupie”, but if I could have ‘Groupies’, courageous men and women who put their asses on the line for duty with a good sense of humor is precisely the type of groupies I would like to have.


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