The Patients are coming but the doctors are not!

In a week, I will co-present on “Routine Miracles” with the priest with whom the ideas of the book were developed.

I spoke to dozens of patients last night and every single one of them that is in town will come. They were enthusiastic, grateful for what had been done for them medically and excited to share their stories with others. Ten to twenty of them at minimum will be there.

This was delightful.

I invited all of the physicians and experts who are in the book to celebrate THEIR work, to have them face to face with the grateful appreciation of human beings whose lives they had improved

*Sight to the blind

*Hearing to the deaf

* The dead brought back to life

* The woman with the ‘issue of blood’ stopped

*The orthodox lady whose life is centered on having children, but got incapacitating arrhythmias every time she was pregnant-CURED!!!


The Doctors?

Not ONE of them is coming. Most did not even acknowledge the repeated invitation. It is an event for them. To ‘Feel the love’ . Even at its most crass and commercial, it is for THEM to generate referrals for themselves.

No interest. In fact, avoidance.

This is why I wrote ‘Routine Miracles”. There is an emotional disconnect on the part of our faculty, our senior physicians, a hole in their hearts. The patients see what they received as a “miracle’.  “Oh my!!! I would LOVE to come!!!”

The doctors see it as ‘Routine”.

What can we do?


7 Responses to “The Patients are coming but the doctors are not!”

  1. jas garcio Says:

    Dear Dr,

    It is a little disappointing to know that none of the doctors in “Routine Miracles” are coming for the presentation. As time pass by we all feel that many of these “miracles” are “just routine”. Doctors see these everyday in hospitals & many of us lose our sense of appreciation. Patients understand and acknowledge “the miracle” because their lives have changed with the help of our modern medical advancements. In short, we have eyes.But we fail to see. We have ears,but we fail to hear. In the midst of all pomp & show we doctors forget to pat our backs of these accomplishments. Many times we do not even know that our patients are so grateful to us. But many patients whom I have spoken to over years clearly remember their doctor’s names, what their doctors did & how good they felt after getting cured. In an era when most doctors think of private practice & view healthcare reform as a major threat, you opt to be different by telling people about “miraculous cures” and medical insurance for all.Dr, you have motivated thousands of young doctors by now. We may not be physically present there with you and your patients in “Routine Miracles”.But our support and prayers are always with you. Please don’t be disappointed about the absence of your colleagues. Good luck with you presentation.


  2. Don Says:

    Hey Fisch…

    What you need to do is invite any other docs who are willing to share their ‘miracles’ with others, not just the ones in your book! Cast your net further…

    You seem to love Matthew… page twelve chapters from your original source of inspiration, and you’ll see what I mean…;-)


    • Conrad Fischer Says:

      You know, that is an EXCELLENT idea!

      • Jas Garcio Says:

        “Go ye therefore unto the partings of the highways, and as many as ye shall find, bid to the marriage feast. And those servants went out into the highways, and gathered together all as many as they found,both bad and good:and the wedding was filled with guests. For many are called, but few chosen”… Inspiring words and aptly said. “But they made light of it, and went their ways,one to his own farm, another to his merchandise;and the rest laid hold on his servants, and treated them shamefully,and killed them.”

        Hence Dr, consider posting open invites in as many hospitals as possible with the help of colleagues who don’t mind doing this for a good cause.Ask them to circulate a mail in their departments with the details. Send out postcards to as many drs as possible,say 1000 drs. Would be wise to consider drs who work in VA hospitals, non-profit charitable institutions,NGOs,Red Cross etc.
        Try to cover all the media sources such as newspapers, radio (student radios in unis), tv, blogs and our own old letters by post for those who are still a little old fashioned. Remember, “And those servants went out into the highways, and gathered together all as many as they found,both bad and good”.

        “Ask, and it shall be given you;seek, and ye shall find; knock,and it shall be opened unto you” Mat 7:7

  3. Bushra Says:

    Dr.Fischer you are not only an outstanding Doctor, you are also an outstanding human being. it’s amazing how after all those years of practicing medicine you still have not forgotten why you’re doing this in the first place and how you go the extra mile just for the sake of patients whom you see past their “illnesses” and straight into their core. Very few people in positions similar to yours do the things you do. If there’s anything to be said about you, it’s definitely not “routine”.
    Keep it up, and don’t be discouraged by the emotionally mediocre medical majority. Your voice is being reached to those who need to hear it the most.
    Good luck

  4. nani Says:

    there will be lots of us Dr, you’ll see! count me in! 🙂

  5. Bartek Koczenasz Says:

    good job. keep living the miricles and inspiring the others. thank you

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