Last night’s Townhall meeting in NYC

In the Brooklyn Jewish Children’s Museum last night a Caribbean American Congresswoman was hosted to speak to an audience that was Orthodox, Hasidic Rabbis, retired Back Panthers, Muslim and non-aligned types.

The discussion was a reading of the bill, HR 3200. So, straight from the legislation we see there are:

1.NO death panels.

2. NO mandate to drop your private insurance

3. NO mandatory public option

4. FULL freedom to choose your own healthcare plan and options

What was wonderful to see, was that the audience came ready to defend their vision of a united America based on compassion and “Whatsoever you do unto the least of these my brethren, you do unto me”

When one or two people tried to shout down the speaker, who was reasonable and decent, the audience cut it off to insist on a presentation of intelligence and lucidity. When Yvette Clark ran for the office, I did NOT support her and I contributed and campaigned vigorously for her opponent.

Last night changed my mind.

This was a fantastic example of the American Ideal civilization. Every race, gender and religion united to hear the actual truth and support the vision of a compassionate civilization.


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